Preparation time: 5 minut Complexity: With left hand only

Poli hammy sandwich - for HIM


  • a loaf of bread
  • Poli Hammy
  • Emmental cheese
  • granular /plain mustard
  • fillet of pickled roasted peppers
  • on thinly sliced pickles / slices of fresh cucumber
  • slices of fresh green pepper / slices of pickled greeen pepper

Poli hammy sandwich - for HIM

Preparation process

What do you need to be abble to seduce him like that. Cut the bread bun and lightly spread it with mustard. Then place slices of cheese and Poli Hammy on it. You can safely try the ingridients while preparing. Then place the fillet of pickled roasted peppers, a few slices or fresh or pickled cucumbers and slices of green pepper. Cover with a half of a bread bun and the sandwich is ready.