Poli story

Before Poli

Poli, of course divides history into the time befor Poli (BC) and after Poli (P.). And since the time before Poli is very, very far away, it will suffice to say that back in 1905 Valentin Reinhard opened a redemption poultry station in Ptuj near Deutschlandsberg, thus neginning the story of Perutnina Ptuj.

After Poli

The year 1974 was extremely important and especially outstanding, when the first chicken sausage no. 1. From its birth until today, Poli has been consistent in its quality, which is the result of superior and flawless manufacturing processes. For 40 years. And so remains the one and only.


In addition to the invention of the Rubik's Cube by Proffessor Erno Rubik, the 1970s marked at least one other very important event - the first and only steamed chicken sausage called Poli was born in Perutnina Ptuj. Proud parents Matilda Lovrenčič and dr. Ciril Varga already knew at the time of her birth that a very special future awaited her.

Special from birth

What we can say about Poli? It was the first chicken sausage on the market, a real avant-garde with an original recipe and top quality. And it was the first sausage to get bigger that a sandwich. The first went into politics. It became the first sausage to spread. So what would you list! There is only one Poli! And so it will remain.


Is it time fro lunch?

Customers were a little distrustful at first, but they were quickly convinced by the excellently prepared high-quality products. It was no longer possible to imagine a school or union trip without a sandwich with Poli.


Always in good company

Poli was never a loner and always enjoyed good company. She was often seen with Pika and Koka, but there is no need to emphasize who had the main say.


Since we are always ready to try and offer something new, we added just the right size pieces of peppers, cucumbers and... well, we won't reveal everything to you. And Poli with vegetables was created.


Poli goes over the border

Poli packed her suitcases and set out into world. Her first destination was Italy. Soon Poli became a real traveler and a favourite guest in many nearby and more distant lands. About Poli we are mad from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean.


Poli is the longest!

Meet Poli the Giant! The first 4-meter special sausage that impressed the visitors of the Agricultural and Food Fair in Gornja Radgona.


POLIceman, POLItician in POLIgamist

"While people eat, they don't think about crime! True love is never endured!You can trust her. Sausage for 25 years, so she knows what a good sandwich is!" And Poli knows aht good humor is. Because she is open-minded and free-spirited. Do you still remember POLIceman, POLItician, POLIgamist?

Poli is lighter

Poli Light is no lighter in a shopping bag, but it contains as much as 30 % less fat, so it is intented for everyone who cares about a light and healthy diet. It is response to a time when the need fot a light and heakthy diet is becoming more pronounced.


Not everything starts with Poli

Attention, fakes of the best chicken sausage have already appeared on the Bosnian market! Who knows if they won't move acress the border as well. Only one is Poli! Therefor, before buying, carefully inspect the packaing and choose the original Poli from Perutnina Ptuj.


Poli jumps off the plane

Poli is the most popular chicken sausage in Europe. So some would do anything for her. They also jumped out of the plane. And without a parachute! Another proof that Poli is really special, because you forget about fear by the way.


We like to eat Poli during ads. What about you?

With Cheese, please!

If you also happen to want to enrich your sandwich with cheese, but you find out at the last minute that you have run out of it, choose Poli with cheese. Thi is Poli, to which we added a delicious melted cheese. Because you want more.

Poli goes to marathon

Since life is too short to be late, we cycle at the first Poli Marathon in Ptuj. On a rainy day, the event was attended by 1,000 participants, and the number grown to over 5,000 cyclists in the coming years. And because Poli is the undisputed no. 1 among special sausages, the Poli Marathon also quickly become a recreational cycling event no. 1 in Slovenia.


Poli in 100 ways

Perutnina Ptuj is celebrating it 100th anniversary and, of course, Poli is also joining the celebration. Because Poli is simply no. 1, is among the most prized ingridients in every kitchen, be it French, Chinese, Bosnian, or yours. We asked you how you prepare Poli.


Popular since birth

Poli has been the most popular chicken special sausage among consumers of all generations since 1970s. Children especially love it. With or without bread. But always with the greatest pleasure.

Fly to v POLInesia

Because Poli likes to surprise and enjoy immensely, if it can be different, she invites you to Polinesia, the dream land where Poli grows on palm trees. And all ylou have to do is count how many times Poli appears in a TV ad. Hint? If you add all the fingers, it's too little, if you add five more, it's too much.


Mad about Poli!

We are all little mad. Mad about Poli! Forever young! Forever young, fun, ambitious, forever special. Poli is a sausage with a mission and that is to fill every day and every fridge with its freshness, imagination and humor.

From now on also as a slice

We have found the ideal solution for everyone who is mad about Poli and wants to fall into a sandwich on her own. For those who prefer already sliced delicacies, or simply do not have the time, will or enough skills to dabble in cutting themselves. 12 practically packed slices of Poli for fast Poli meal.

Original chicken special sausage

Attention, only one is Poli, don't be fooled! If you buy copies, expect a taste for copies, Our advice? You buy original!


We hired an elephant

And Poli pate was born. Poli to spread. For all those who like to spread bread, who like pate and who woul also like to spread Poli. Poli likes to be different, she likes to change shapes, but she swears by the content, so even as pate she remains a typical Poli. In innovative packaging.

Poli is always for fun

On April 1, Perutnina Ptuj announced that the construction of a 135-meter tower in ptujsko polje would begin, markin the 35th anniversary of Poli's production. The Poli tower, signed by Dutch architect Koon van Leeuwen, will have the highest-lying viewing platform, a museum and a restaurant. And it was all true. Except for the tower.

Poli is always for fun

Poli likes to change clothes

Poli likes to keep up with fashion, so we have already met her in many disguises. She underwent her last beauty makeover in 2009. Whether or not you share a taste for fashion with her, we guarentee that her interior has remained unchanged since its inception.


Delicious snack

Because Poli is always full of good ideas, it presents you with the pOli snack, a practical vesrion fro new times and new generations. For all those who prefer it to a classic sandwich, and for those who want to enjoy Poli in a different way. Not sure how to tackle sausages? Don't worry, follow the instructions for use.


Do you already know the benefits of bus driving? On it you can meet new people, read a book, eat a sandwich with Poli and enjoy the view and the fact that you have done something good for the environment. Let's go Poli!


No. 1 in Europe

Wondering how to break down a sound barrier with a bike? Or jump from 25 meters high to 60 cm deep? Unfortunately, we failed to break historical records because we were distracted by Poli. How did she do it? Simple. Because is number 1 chicken sausage in the Europe.


Poli is Fresh

Aluminum foil? Plastic cintainer? How do you take care of your Poli? To make Poli even fresher and more beautiful, we present you with a nice silicone cap that you can use again and again... until you run out of Poli.

To make the holidays even more special

Poli decided to make special arrangements for the holidays. So she dressed in her chocsen formal dress for Christmas. As the responses were very positive, she also dressed up for Carnival and for Easter.


Everything is better with Poli


Happy Poli Year

Polinnere- exclusive holiday packaging for the most special chicken sausage. Poli finds a reason to celebrate every day. In 2014, however, she does not have to look for reasons at all.

Mad about Poli Tuesdays

On her fortieth birthday (40!), Our eternally young Poli indulged in not only one, but as many as forty torn Tuesday celebrations!

On her Adventures, she was faithfully followed by her fans, who, after the April Fool's joke that Poli was moving to China, cycled in a marathon and even went down the steel rope in the adrenaline park. On the occasion of her jubilee, Poli did not forget to treat herself to Poli burgers and sandwiches, on night shifts or on the go. As befits a real birthday, Poli also provided real nostalgic music from the time of its creation, and warmed up the cold months in the company of chili. What will happen only when she celebrates Abraham? ;-)


Never call her a hot dog! It's Poli.

Produced from as much as 90% of the highest quality chicken meat (which is the highest in the hot dog segment on the market), gently smoked and lightly spiced. Whether you cook it or bake it, it will always be 100% Poli.


The best hod dog in the world!


Poli Ambassador - Luka Dončić

Poli connected the stars with basketball virtuoso Luka Dončić. With the cooperation of Poli, he also announces penetration of the American market.And new product development. If Poli has been the golden TOP so far, in the era with Dončić, world stardom begins. It will be even better, although it's hard to imagine at the moment!

Poli world tour

Famous Slovenian actor Tadej Toš accompanied Poli on the famous world tour. He wanted to know if an individual in a particular country knows Poli, especially the POli sandwich. He enjoyed expoloring the connections between the originality of each country and the characteristic of Poli. He traveled to New York, Paris, London, Sidney, Hawai and returned to Ptuj, just before he won the Poli Marathon.

Nov izdelek - Poli hammy

Samo za velike ... POLI HAMMY. Nova piščančja šunka

Kar 90 % piščančjega mesa! Poli šunka je skrbno pripravljena iz visoko kakovostnega piščančjega mesa.


Poli conquers America

Our production experts Helped Poli follow Luka to America. The first quantities of Poli produced in America are already on the shelves of American stores, which are already being emptied.


18. Poli Marathon

The 18. Poli Marathon due to the epidemic it took place a little differently than we were usef to, in virtual form. It was necessary to publish your ride on your Facebook profile with one of the selected 2tracking" applications (Strava, Sport tracker, Edmondo...)